Can the catering service break or make an event?

Have you ever been to an event and did not get anything to eat? Most likely not! This is because food is the one thing that is almost always present at any event, whether it is a corporate party, a wedding reception or a birthday party. The catering industry is a booming industry because catering services is definitely a must during an event. Sometimes the success of an event is dependent on the type of food that is catered. So, how do you as a consumer make sure that you hire the right catering service to make your event a success and how do you as a catering service provider make sure that you serve the right type of food at an event to make it a success?

What is The Catering Network?

The Catering Network has been established by a group of individuals with a passion for food. With extensive hands-on industry experience, The Catering Network provides advice consumers in need of catering services and to catering companies offering catering services. With advice and guidance from The Catering Network, you as a consumer will be equipped to hire the right catering service and you as a catering service provider will be equipped to serve the right type of food to make an event successful. 

What can The Catering Network offer you?


Extensive Experience

With extensive experience in the catering industry, we can help you to deal with any situation or issue that you are struggling with.

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We offer professional and experienced advice and can offer advice and guidance on any matters pertaining to the catering industry.


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Our catering consultants will spend a one-hour FREE initial consultation with you to understand your catering needs and requirements.

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We bring to you the latest innovations, development and new ideas from the UK catering industry and from the leading catering companies.

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The Catering Network offers a fresh approach to the catering industry and offers advice and guidance for your business with the ultimate goal of implementing processes and procedures that will improve your turnover and that will result in customer satisfaction. We offer management consultancy services to the catering section throughout the United Kingdom. All you need to do to gain access to our expertise is to sign up for our membership for just a small monthly subscription and you will gain access to everything you need to become successful in the catering industry.

Tips for Hiring a Catering Service

If you need to hire a catering service for your event, here are a few valuable tips.

Always taste the food before hiring the catering service and if you do not like a particular food and do not want it to be served, be sure to make it known to the catering service.

Verify what their food presentations will look like. How will they set up the tables? How will the courses be offered? Make sure you ask sufficient question so you would know in advance what to expect.

Although taste is very important, do not base your decision only on the taste. Base it on the additional services offered by the caterer as well as the chemistry between the two of you. 


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